Buyers likely draw up lists splitting features that are must-haves in their new home, and elements that it would be nice to have. As a vendor, you should focus your time and energy on providing as many must-have elements as you can. If you have the time or budget, you can try to add as many nice to have aspects as you can, but in reaching buyers, provide the features they desperately need in a home.

Bear in mind that family home buyers have a set budget. It is vital you value your home accurately, and price the property accordingly. There is nothing more frustrating than having a fantastic house but not generating interest because it hasn’t been appropriately priced. We know the local market, and we will ensure your property is accurately priced to reach the most likely buyer.

Buyers want a home with potential

You can spend a lot of time worrying about the décor of a property, but the reality is, these elements can be changed. The flooring and colour scheme impact what a buyer thinks when they see it for the first time, and it is vital to make the best impression, but savvy buyers have an eye on the future.

Is there potential for your home to be extended? If there is an opportunity for a loft conversion, a conservatory or even a new garage, you will likely generate more interest. Even if you don’t intend to carry out home improvement work at your home, look into applying for planning permission, and determining if this is readily available.

If it is, inform likely buyers, because the potential for improvements may help you sell your home.

Focus on defects

While it would be great to think prospective buyers look at your home and fall in love, this may not be the main focus for many buyers. The viewing process is often about finding defects and avoiding buying a home with problems.

If there are issues in your property, take the time to improve the condition, and remove some of the concerns. An interested buyer will carry out a survey which highlights these problems, so they will come to light at some point before a sale concludes. Therefore, you should be proactive and resolve issues before they force a buyer to look elsewhere.

Location and facilities are crucial for family buyers

Don’t forget the suitability of your property as a family home depends on many features outside your control. The location, schools, transport options and facilities influence buyers. If there are great facilities in your local area, make this a prominent feature of your promotional activity.

At Bond Oxborough Phillips, we aim to bring buyers and vendors together. If you need help selling your home, contact us today.