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Virtual reality property viewings

We're using the latest technology to make life easier for our vendors and landlords, as well as prospective buyers and tenants, by producing virtual reality property tours.
View online, save time

View online, save time

As far as we're concerned, the days of taking a few photos showing a property's highlights are gone. We're committed to saving time and money for vendors and buyers alike with virtual reality tours of the properties we're marketing.

For our vendors and landlords, this means that the house viewings they get are more likely to be from informed and interested prospective buyers or tenants who are further down the road towards making an offer or submitting a rental application.

For our buyers and tenants, it means they can get a proper look at an entire property without committing time and transport costs to a viewing. If they like what they see, they will still go ahead with an in-person viewing. If the property is not for them, everybody can avoid wasting time.

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How it works

We've partnered with virtual reality tour specialists Eyespy360 to create crystal-clear footage of our properties. You can navigate properties either on-screen or by using a virtual reality headset to get the feeling that you're really looking round the property.

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