Even though winter can be a fun time of year, it is important that landlords and tenants are aware of the risks wintry weather conditions pose to rental accommodation. It is vital that landlords and tenants work together to care for a home, creating short and long-term benefits for everyone. We’re pleased to have helped many landlords and we look forward to helping you make winter more pleasurable.

There have been early warnings that temperatures are going to dip considerably this winter, which could place many rental homes at risk. There are ways that you can minimise the risks a rental property faces, and here are our top five winter care tips for landlords.

Ensure your window and door frames are in excellent condition Bleed your radiators Clean your gutters Advise tenants to maintain a low heat in the home Stock up on essential items

These are all simple tips, but they can be overlooked by many landlords and tenants. There may also be confusion between who holds responsibility for these tasks, but if in doubt, it is best for the landlord to be proactive and to take responsibility for the task.

Landlords should be proactive in caring for their property in winter

An example of this would be for the landlord to bleed the radiators. This is a task that many people believe is the responsibility of the tenant. However, if a landlord carries out this task, they know it has been done, and it provides the tenant with an additional service. If there is trapped air in a radiator, the level of heat produced is diminished, and bleeding radiators can have a huge impact on heating a home.

With respect to stocking up on essential items, this helps to resolve any problems if they arise. A smart landlord will invest in shovels, torches and grit; placing them into the rental property. Therefore, if there is snow or ice, a tenant has immediate access to the equipment that allows them to get in and out of the house safely. This provides the tenant with a great service, but it also helps to maintain the condition of the property.

Tenants gain in short-term while landlords benefit in long-term

There are many things a landlord can do that provides tenants with a short-term benefit while also providing themselves with confidence about the long-term.

Landlords should also try and check in with their tenants in the period leading up to Christmas and New Year. It may be that the tenant will be going elsewhere for the festive period, and the property will lie empty. If this is the case, it would be sensible for the landlord to check in to the property during this time.

It may also be the case that the landlord is looking to take a break over the festive period. Checking in with the tenant before the festivities begin will reduce the chances of this break being interrupted. Most people look forward to a relaxing time near the end of December, but winter weather issues can cause problems. Therefore, being proactive is sensible for landlords, hopefully helping them to enjoy more of a break.

If you are a landlord and you are looking for assistance in supporting your tenants this winter, contact Bond Oxborough Philips. We are pleased to say we have helped many local landlords, and we look forward to assisting you.