While December is a brilliant time to let your hair down and look back on the 12 months that have just finished, many people know that a New Year is just around a corner. The 1st of January offers a clean slate for many people, and a lot of individuals like to make changes in their life. If you are planning on selling your home in the New Year, congratulations. However, this is a competitive market, and it makes sense for you to start planning the move as soon as you can.

At Bond Oxborough Philips, we are pleased to say that we have helped many vendors sell their home, and we look forward to assisting you. A good estate agent can make a massive difference in how you promote your property and how you reach out to prospective buyers. With our help, we are confident you can sell your home next year.

However, there are steps you can take now to improve your chances of selling your home. It is important that you take steps to improve your garden area. Not too many people want to spend much time outside of their home in winter, but if you have a few spare hours during the daytime, you may be able to make a difference to how prospective buyers view your property.

Some of the tasks you should take care of include:

Make your garden look as tidy as possible, collect all leaves and clear puddles away Ensure all furniture, garden accessories and tools are stored away Review the condition of your window frames – making improvements if necessary Review the condition of all paths and walkways – making improvements if necessary Clean your gutters

When the outside of your home is appealing and attractive, you create a positive impression with prospective buyers.

Ensure your home is warm and welcoming

Winter is a wonderful time to appraise your home because this is when faults are more noticeable. All homes seem warmer and brighter in summer, it is only in winter that problems are evident. You should check the frames of all your doors and windows for cracks and gaps. If there are present, make sure you fix or fill these gaps.

You don’t need to install double glazing to improve the insulation at your home, but you should take steps to ensure your home offers a warm welcome to all guests.

It is time to declutter

If you are planning on placing Christmas decorations around the house, it is likely that you will clean the home first and create some space. This is decluttering, and it is an important part of the process when selling your home. You should aim to declutter your home as much as you can. When you create more space at home, the home will appear bigger to prospective buyers and there will be fewer personal items of yours around the home.

When selling your home, you want to provide a blank canvas to buyers, and decluttering makes a massive difference. After you have decluttered, you can enjoy Christmas to the full and then when you take the tree and decorations down, you have an ideal platform to declutter further.

Given the property market is so competitive, it is vital that you make your home stand out for all the right reasons. At Bond Oxborough Philips, we have helped many homeowners sell their home, and we look forward to assisting you.