When it comes to selling or letting your home, there are many parts to the process, but there is a very common starting point. Before you think about placing your home on the market or welcoming potential buyers or tenants to your home, you need to ensure your property is appealing as possible. The process of this begins with a thorough clean and decluttering process.

Given that many people associate spring with intensive cleaning, it makes sense that if you plan on selling or letting your home in 2019, spring is a great time of year to start the cleaning process. There will be many people doing the same action and if you are looking for cleaning equipment or material, you will find many special offers at this time of year. As spring cleaning is a well-known activity, many retailers try to capitalise on these actions, so you should find you can get everything you need for a successful clean with a minimum of fuss and effort.

A clean home is easier to let or sell

If you are not sure about the benefits associated with a thorough clean and declutter, consider these outcomes:

A clean property is much more appealing to buyers, making it more likely they will take an interest in the property A clean property shows up better in images, with images being vital in grabbing the attention of buyers perusing online property portals A decluttered property offers more space, which is appealing to buyers A decluttered property has fewer personal items, making it easier for buyers or tenants to imagine themselves living in the property

All these outcomes are favourable to vendors and tenants, so a spring clean is essential when it comes to achieving your aims and goals in the property market.

If you are looking to plan your spring cleaning activities, there are many variables involved with the process. This makes it difficult to provide a plan for cleaning a home. Factors that will influence the time it takes to clean property include the size of the home, the number of belongings in the home, how effective the cleaning work is, the equipment and materials being used and what standard of cleanliness the homeowner is happy with.

Each homeowner needs to consider their own circumstances in planning a property clean

There is a need for the homeowner to consider these aspects, both in considering the size and nature of their home, and their own cleaning ability. It is easy to see why many people decide to call on cleaning professionals to carry out this work.

Hiring a cleaner or a cleaning team will increase the cost of the process but it can bring about better results and it can make the process so much simpler for the homeowner. Therefore, it is not uncommon for people looking to make the best impression with their home to hire cleaning experts to assist with the process.

At Bond Oxborough Phillips, we believe a thorough cleaning is essential when placing property onto the market. This is true when selling a home or letting property. Anyone looking for assistance when it comes to letting or selling should get in touch and we will be more than happy to help out.