There are many different factors to consider if you are looking for an estate agent. It is important that you find an estate agent who provides you with confidence that they will help you sell your home in an effective manner. At Bond Oxborough Phillips, we believe we are the leading local agent you can trust, and a very strong reason so many vendors choose us is because we offer a no move no fee conveyancing service.

We believe no sale no fee services provide you with confidence. Selling your home can be an expensive activity, and we want you to feel that your money is being put to good use. When it comes to value for money, it is hard to get better value than a service you only pay for when you have received the service you are looking for.

Minimise your risks when selling your home

When you pay an estate agent up front, there are risks involved. Given the current condition of the property market, there is no guarantee that any property will sell. If an estate agent or conveyancer has already received payment, they don’t have an incentive to work hard on your behalf because whether they sell the home or not doesn’t affect their payment.

In the long run, an estate agent that doesn’t sell homes will develop a poor reputation, which could see them losing out on instructions. This means that professionals should look to sell a property, but in the shorter-term, a lack of motivation may work against their clients.

Choose estate agents who will work harder on your behalf

This isn’t the case when you call on the services of Bond Oxborough Phillips. With a no move no fee set-up, you can be confident that our team will work harder on your behalf to ensure we sell your property. We are the party taking the risk, and you receive the benefit because we will do everything, we can to ensure we don’t lose out, and this means you benefit.

Choosing a no move no fee service helps you budget. When you pay for services up front, this is money you must have before you receive any income. Many people don’t have this sort of money readily at hand, which can make it difficult to start the house selling process. Opting for a no move no fee service removes this risk, allowing you to start the process as quickly as possible.

It is fair to say that your personality will also impact on how you feel about a no move no fee service. As discussed, people who are looking for value will appreciate this service but a no move no fee service also appeals to people who are risk-averse. Estate agent fees can add up to a lot of money and with no guarantee of a sale, a lot of people will have genuine concerns about spending this money.

When you call on Bond Oxborough Phillips, you don’t have to worry about this risk, because it doesn’t exist. We believe there are many reasons you should call on our services, and we look forward to helping you sell your home. For value, confidence and the best standard of local support, trust Bond Oxborough Phillips in selling your home.