Let’s be honest, if you’re a landlord, you don’t want void periods. When you don’t have a tenant in the property, you don’t generate income, and that should be avoided at the best of times. However, if you do have a void period, you should make the most of it. We are pleased to say we have helped many landlords, and there is work you can do at this time which will help you provide a better standard of service to your next tenant.

Undertake a deep clean

There is a lot to be said for comprehensively cleaning your rental property, and the bets time to do this work is when you don’t have a tenant in place. You can do this work yourself, but most landlords find it easier to call on a local cleaning company, or let their property management service provider take care of this process for you.

Yes, this incurs a cost, but the benefits of allowing a professional to carry out this work is its own reward. Landlords want tenants to keep the rental property clean, and one of the best ways you can encourage this is to make sure the property is clean at the start of the rental process.

Check every appliance and fitting

If you want tenants to settle into your property quickly, make the process smooth and simple for them. If you check every appliance and fitting before they move in, and everything is working, they will have less to complain about when they do move in. If things don’t work, tenants will be unhappy, and you have more work to do.

Therefore, check equipment and appliances yourself. When it comes to electrical components or gas and electrical equipment, call on an expert to review your property. If everything is in good condition, you can be confident about the property, if you need to make improvements, you can do so now without inconveniencing a tenant.

Improve your administrative focus

When you don’t a tenant in place, you can also make positive changes to your working practices. Review your administrative work, and if you can make this better, do so. It is vital you work efficiently, and having a period without tenants in place allows you to examine what you are doing, and find ways you can streamline your working processes.

This may not be the most important task you have as a landlord, but improving your working processes makes life easier for you. Therefore, it is good for your business, and ultimately your tenant.

Of course, if you are not comfortable with any of these tasks, and you would prefer to call on the services of an expert, you can. We are here to carry out all these tasks and a whole lot more if you need our assistance.

If you are a landlord looking to provide your tenants with the best standard of service, make sure you call on Bond Oxborough Phillips. We are pleased to say we have helped many landlords, and the period between tenancies is an important one to utilise to make sure your next tenant loves the property, and your service. Whatever you need assistance with, be sure Bond Oxborough Phillips has a track record in providing support for local tenants, so contact us today.