If you are selling your home, you should know staging is critical. A staged home appeals to buyers, and it makes your house seem like an ideal match for buyers in the area. Therefore, if you wish to enhance your chances of selling your home, you should stage your property.

However, many homeowners are concerned about the cost of staging their house. Professional stagers charge considerable fees, and they may request homeowners buy a lot of new furniture. For some homeowners, this is a suitable investment, but for other property owners, this is far too much money. You don’t have to miss out though, because we can show you how to stage your home on a budget.

The first stage is to declutter and clean your home thoroughly. You should do this work when you sell your home, but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce how important this step is. Decluttering a home creates a lot more space, and you’ll remove many personal items. If you wish to catch the eye of a prospective buyer, creating an environment where they can imagine themselves living in your home is always a great idea.

Add mirrors to your home

It is best to create as much space in your home as you can. However, if you struggle to create space, the next best thing is to develop a sense of space around your property. Adding mirrors to rooms and hallways creates the illusion of larger space at home.

Having more mirrors at home will also reflect natural light, which is appealing to buyers. Ideally, you should allow as much natural light to flood into your house as possible. Some homes are more receptive to natural light than others, but make sure you have removed anything which may prevent light appearing at home.

Opt for neutral colours

When you stage your home, you will likely make decisions that stand against your natural tendencies. Remember you are presenting your home with a buyer in mind, not to your tastes. You should choose a neutral colour palette for walls and floors. These colours create a calm environment, but you can add splashes or flourishes of colour to make your home more memorable.

Partially empty closets to create the sense of additional storage space

If a prospective buyer looks into cupboards or storage space to find the area is full, they’ll not feel confident about the storage space on offer in your property. They will also question how much actual space is available around the home if the storage space is crammed with belongings. If you must, utilise external storage space to free up space at home.

Be organised

A big step in creating the best home for buyers is to be organised. Make sure your shelves, wardrobes and drawers are utilised to their maximum, and that everything is stored effectively and efficiently. A tidy and well-organised home is aesthetically pleasing, and it helps a buyer imagine what they can do with the house.

If you plan on selling your home, contact Bond Oxborough Philips to arrange a property valuation. No matter what your property aims are, we are here to help.