Due to the emergence of online property portals, the physicality’s of searching for a property is simpler and more productive. No one would suggest that buying a home is more straightforward, but the process of finding suitable homes that meet your needs and budget is more straightforward.

Buyers can set a location, choose their price parameters and they’ll receive a range of properties that are likely to be right for their needs. Of course, some prospective buyers don’t want to wade through all these options; they want fewer but more detailed results. Leading search engines know that buyers demand laser-focused answers, and Rightmove allows buyers to use keywords in their search.

Most people are familiar with the use of keywords, these phrases being the cornerstone of searching on Google or YouTube. If there is a specific feature that a buyer wants to have in a house, they can place this term into their online search, and only see relevant homes. At home

Buyers want more space

Rightmove launched their keyword search facility in May of 2018 and the first year of use; the most commonly used terms have been garage, annexe and acre. These findings suggest buyers are desperate to find additional space in a new home, but anyone setting their heart on an addition may be disappointed. This outcome is because annexe only appears on 2% of resale properties on the favourite listings.

This facility is helpful for buyers, but it is also hugely beneficial to vendors. If your house has a feature that makes it unique or which draws buyers to it, make sure this feature is listed. It may be there are a lot of homes available on the market with an annexe, but if this term isn’t provided in the property listing, it won’t be returned as a suitable answer.

This aspect is where vendors and agents need to be aware of the importance of keyword terms. Knowing what buyers search for and want to see in a home provides a starting point in engaging with them. If your house has a garage, you need to ensure that your property listing states it has a garage.

Property listings must be accurate

You may think an image of your garage in your listing is sufficient, but some people may not take the time to review images. The keyword search facility makes life simpler for buyers, and people who only want to see homes that have a garage will use this term only to see related properties. Therefore, if you don’t include your garage in your property listing, you only have yourself to blame if you miss out on a sale or don’t attract buyers to your house.

At Bond Oxborough Philips, we appreciate that times are changing in the property market. Properties need to be on online property portals, but equally, they need to be recorded accurately. Images are relevant, but the content of online property listings also matter, and you need to find an agent who presents your home in the best manner.

If you are looking to sell your home, contact us, and we will be happy to help.