We know being a landlord is challenging, and there are many reasons why landlords struggle. There are many regulations to contend with, but for a lot of landlords, the biggest challenge is dealing with tenants.

We are pleased to say we help many landlords across Sedgemoor & Taunton Deane. We liaise with tenants, and we can minimise the trouble and challenges landlords face. Our expertise in dealing with these matters helps us help you, and we know the most common issues which cause problems between tenants and landlords.

Deposit issues cause concern for landlords

A recent study undertaken by an alternative deposits’ provider, Ome, suggests that the landlord deducting money from the tenant’s deposit, without providing the tenant with formal notice, is the most common reason why tenants and landlords get into disputes.

Given the services this company provides, it probably isn’t a surprise to learn this is the problem they focus on. However, it is easy to see why this would hurt tenants, and why it would disrupt the relationship between landlords and tenants.

Very few people in the rental sector would be surprised to learn poor communication between landlords and tenants is a common factor in disputes between landlords and tenants. The company issued information regarding the most common complaints, and some of the leading factors are:

Complaints over landlords deducting money from the deposit, which has risen 12% year-on-yearDisputes over missing items, which has risen 10% year-on-yearThe rental property being damaged, which has risen 6% year-on-yearThe need to decorate has risen 4% year-on-year

Matthew Hooker of Ome, says; “Deposit disputes have always been a bone of contention within the rental industry and despite the sector’s diverse makeup, they tend to focus on the same issues concerning outstanding payments, damage, cleanliness, and missing inventory wherever you are,”

He continued by saying; “The introduction of formal dispute resolution has, at least, eased the burden from the courts and a standardised approach has raised standards in the sector. Despite this, rental deposits remain a friction point for many tenants and landlords.”

We know local landlords are looking for support

We know local landlords are looking for considerable support and expertise when it comes to letting property, and we can help. At Bond Oxborough Phillips, we are pleased to offer a wide range of landlord services.

If you need assistance with knowing how much your property is worth on the rental market, we offer rental valuations, and you can use our free online calculator to receive an instant valuation. We offer property management services, so we can take control of every aspect of your rental service. You don’t need to be hands on as a landlord if you don’t want to be, and we are pleased to say we are here to assist you.

If you need help letting property or dealing with tenants, contact Bond Oxborough Phillips, and we will be more than happy to help. Even though there are many challenges facing landlords today, with our help, you can achieve your goals, so get in touch today.