Bond Oxborough Phillips Torrington Branch proudly offer thanks to Mr and Mrs Fisher and deliver their Apple iPad Mini 2 as a reward simply for choosing Bond Oxborough Phillips to sell their home. In fact, they were so pleased, they have just instructed the Torrington Branch to sell another.

Mr Fisher commented “Not only do we receive this fantastic free gift, the Torrington Branch also agreed the sale on the property within 4 hours, to the first viewer at the full price. We were so pleased with the service we have just asked them to sell another property for us and look forward to receiving another iPad Mini 2 so that we may have one each.”

Mark Spratley, partner at the branch, says “We would still have done the same terrific job for Mr and Mrs Fisher and we took as much pleasure in giving them this thank you for their custom, as they did in receiving it. The offer was run for a limited period, but owing to its success we will be running the offer again from the both the Torrington and Hatherleigh Branches. In fact, the offer has been so successful I have been considering buying shares in Apple! And would happily hand over a thousand more of these top of the range tablets, just to see the smiles on our clients faces.

In order to receive your free iPad Mini 2 simply allow us to sell your house for you and we will personally deliver the iPad to your door”.