The typical cost of moving house now stands at an average of £8,248 in total, with the share credited to agents’ fees showing an increase of seven per cent on a year ago according to Lloyds Bank, which commissioned the survey. 

 It says the total amount spent on moving has grown sharply by 27 per cent in 2013, from £5.2 billion to £6.61 billion, chiefly thanks to the rise in property sales after the downturn.

The rising cost of moving is driven by increases in stamp duty, estate agency fees and legal fees, which are all up by seven per cent - in the case of all of these, the increase is largely reflecting the higher sale prices and not increased charges. 

The average spend on stamp duty and estate agency fees now stands at £2,001 and £3,601 respectively but there has been no change in removal costs and surveyors fees. 

In the 10 years since 2003 the total cost of moving has increased by 22 per cent compared to house price rises of 31%. 

In the same period, average gross annual earnings have increased by 29 per cent, meaning the total cost of moving as a percentage of earnings has actually fallen from 26 per cent to 25 per cent.

There are of course huge regional variations. Moving in London, for example, costs nearly five times more than in Northern Ireland

In London and the south east the cost is £20,825 and £16,187 respectively. Higher house prices drive these increases: the average home mover in London pays £10,850 in stamp duty and £6,510 in estate agency fees.

The south east has seen the highest rise in the cost of moving over the last decade, with an 85 per cent increase from £8,773 to £16,187. This is substantially higher than any other region and stands at 42 per cent of the average gross full time earnings for the region. A huge rise in the average stamp duty payment as a result of higher house prices, from £2,250 to £8,157, has driven this increase.

The most affordable place to move house is in Northern Ireland, where the average cost is £4,253, equivalent to 15 per cent of average gross earnings. Since 2003, the cost of moving in Northern Ireland has reduced 15 per cent, too, as the average house price has dropped below the level at which stamp duty is paid, significantly reducing the total cost.