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Get the picture - good photography makes all the difference

Wed 08 Jun 2016

When it comes to special family events such as weddings, birthdays or christenings photos are incredibly important and not an area you’d want to skimp on. It is exactly the same with property photography. The photos are THE most important tool for marketing the property online and indeed offline..
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How to add value to your property – Spare this idea some thought

Wed 18 May 2016

By spending a bit of time, and in some cases a little bit of money, you’ll get the most out of a spare room and can make it really attractive to potential buyers..
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Small details – BIG picture

Wed 27 Apr 2016

By doing the little jobs and taking care of the small details you can be making your house more attractive to a larger part of the market and adding thousands to the value of your property for a small outlay..
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Chain reaction: take the stress out of buying and selling

Wed 20 Apr 2016

We do everything we can to make a chain run as stress free as possible. It’s usually a lot of hard work but that’s just one of the reasons why we’re regarded so highly by clients we’ve worked for and with..
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One thing you shouldn’t do when the price isn’t right

Wed 13 Apr 2016

Why the agent with the highest valuation isn't always the best choice..
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Make your little ones part of the big move

Wed 06 Apr 2016

At Bond Oxborough Phillips we have overseen hundreds of client moves and we’ve learned a few things over the years about how best to help your little heroes cope with the upheaval of moving..
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The Great Outdoors has a Big Impact on a Property’s Value

Wed 30 Mar 2016

At Bond Oxborough Phillips we have many prospective buyers giving us their property wish list. A garden is very often on those lists..
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“It’s an absolute pig sty”

Wed 23 Mar 2016

Having your dirty saucepans, overflowing laundry basket and an unmade bed on show might make your property unique but it sure isn’t a unique selling point..
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Block viewings – simple, smart and civilised

Wed 16 Mar 2016

A block viewing day works in a similar way to the open house technique but with one major difference..
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How ‘Available’ is Your Estate Agent?

Wed 09 Mar 2016

One of the biggest frustrations we had with our own individual dealings with estate agents was how hard it was to speak with them. Basic stuff, but very important when you’re making what will probably be the biggest purchase/sale of your life..
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How to choose the right agent to sell your home

Wed 02 Mar 2016

Deciding to sell your property is a big move. Deciding which agent you are going to instruct to sell your property is also a crucial decision. Get it right and the moving process can be simpler, quicker and stress free. Choose badly and it could end up costing you money, time and hassle..
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The sweet smell of success

Wed 24 Feb 2016

We constantly find that buyers want properties that not only appeal to their eyes but also their noses..
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Is that your best offer?

Thu 18 Feb 2016

One of the recurring questions we get asked by people selling their homes with us is ‘Should I accept this offer?’.
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Love will tear us apart again

Wed 10 Feb 2016

Whatever you are up to this February 14th at Bond Oxborough Phillips we can give you one piece of romantic advice. And that’s to try to emotionally divorce yourself from your property when you come to put in on the market..
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When cheap isn't very cheerful

Wed 03 Feb 2016

There is no way any agent doing their job properly can charge £500 and make money.For a property to achieve its best price in the shortest possible period of time it needs to be well marketed. .
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A recipe for success: smarten up your kitchen

Wed 27 Jan 2016

The heart of the home could be the key to finding a buyer for your property..
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Less is more so kill the clutter

Wed 20 Jan 2016

We recently surveyed the team in our office asking for their top property tip. Leading the way by some distance was the vital importance of keeping a property clean and clutter free when people are coming round to view it, Here we explain why..
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New Year, new you, new home?

Wed 13 Jan 2016

Happy New Year! As we welcomed in 2016 many of us turned our minds to our resolutions and how we will start changing our lives for the better. Contrary to a general misconception January is a good time to put your property on the market..
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Welcome to our new blog

Wed 06 Jan 2016

Hello and welcome to the first of our new weekly blog posts. We’ll be sharing our expertise and knowledge on the property industry in North Devon and North Cornwall and giving you plenty of useful tips and advice. As it’s the first blog in this series we thought we should cover first impressions. .
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Receive a free iPad mini 2

Thu 31 Dec 2015

Instruct any Bond Oxborough Phillips office to sell your property this January and receive a free iPad mini 2..
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Bond Oxborough Phillips, no. 1 in both Devon and Cornwall

Thu 17 Dec 2015

Bond Oxborough Phillips has won the Gold “Agent of the Year Award 2015” for both Devon and Cornwall. Based on reviews from clients compared across raterAgent’s website, combined with ratings from elsewhere across the UK, the ‘raterAward’ recognises quality of service, as evidenced by 2015 customer feedback..
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Another Apple in the Orchard

Tue 17 Nov 2015

Bond Oxborough Phillips’ Torrington office were recently very pleased to hand over a brand new iPad Mini 2 to Mr Fisher after giving Mrs Fisher, his wife, another iPad earlier in the year. .
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The Largest and Only Letting Agent in Town

Thu 12 Nov 2015

The top two, longest established letting agents in the area join forces to create the largest and only letting agent in Torrington..
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Apples in the Orchard

Fri 16 Oct 2015

Bond Oxborough Phillips Torrington Branch proudly offer thanks to Mr and Mrs Fisher and deliver their Apple iPad Mini 2 as a reward simply for choosing Bond Oxborough Phillips to sell their home. In fact, they were so pleased, they have just instructed the Torrington Branch to sell another. .
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High Street vs Online Estate Agents

Tue 06 Oct 2015

Over recent years a number of online estate agents have popped up but do they really sell houses or provide the level of service that a high street agent can?.
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How to Make Your Home Sell Faster

Thu 01 Oct 2015

Once you have agreed a realistic and achievable selling price the next thing you need to think about is making sure your house is prepared for viewers. It will not only make your house look better in the photographs online or on the brochure but can potentially add thousands of pounds to its value and speed up the selling process. .
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What Price Should I Sell My House For?

Thu 17 Sep 2015

One of the hardest decisions when selling your home, what price to put it on for. If you have ever sold a property you will know that different estate agents will suggest different figures and possibly different methods and strategies. Put it on too high, and you might not sell it. Put it on too low, and you might get far less than you should. .
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Agents' fees and stamp duty 'fuel moving costs'

Thu 02 Oct 2014

The typical cost of moving house now stands at an average of £8,248 in total, with the share credited to agents’ fees showing an increase of seven per cent on a year ago according to Lloyds Bank, which commissioned the survey. .
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Shortage of conveyancers may hit sales

Thu 02 Oct 2014

A “lack of available talent” in the conveyancing sector could lead to delays in completions of London property sales and could even curtail growth in transaction numbers..
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One-in-five homes sells over asking price - NAEA

Thu 17 Jul 2014

Some 19 per cent of buyers pay above the asking price according to the National Association of Estate Agents. It says the supply of housing on the market has fallen for the sixth consecutive month from an average of 57 properties in September 2013 to 42 in March 2014, almost a 10 year low.
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"I would like to thank everyone at Bond Oxborough Phillips Ilfracombe for their hard work, help, patience and encouragement. When I moved from Barnstaple to Ilfracombe they handled my sale and purchase and I was happy with the service."
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